* Look at Nawaz Shareef's reaction!!! *


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Since everyone is criticizing Imran Khan's reaction to Kashif Abbassi's statement, take a look at Nawaz Sharif's reaction!!

In the last 4.5 years, how many times has Nawaz Sharif come on a show LIVE to answer the public's questions and address their concerns??? 0

Nawaz and his League is history League now & inshALLAH it will be evident in the next general elections *AMEEN*

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nawaz sharif apne baap ki asal olad hai to khud bhej de yah sare jawan or kabhi kisi Pakistani muhale main kabhi akela jae..:angry_smile:


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abhi uss nay ronay bhi lgg jana thaa...... saaray jawan wapis aa gay tu nooraa jaddah bhaag jaye gaa


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not sure ..
what does NS has to do with Kashif Abbasi and Imran Khan ?

are you people any different than current politicians ? when PML-N accuses PPP of any corruption ... then instead of answering or justifying that they reply you have done more in these blah blah situations ..
you are doing the same thing .. instead of giving a productive input on the issue .. just trolling to waste everyone's time

so what should I expect next ?
if Imran Khan son gets bruises next time in playground .. should I expect stupid threads related to Hassan Nawaz ?


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PMLN is history now...Ignore them

Kia baat keh rahe ho ...
if PTI starts ignoring PML-N ... siasat.pk and 90% of PTI facebook groups will come to an eventual end ..
also doznes of paid posters will loose their jobs too


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waise Main Sahab aap ke mooh se fair aur unfair ki baatein zaib nahi detein...... awam fair aur unfair dikhane aur bolne par aayen to unfair unfair hi reh jae ga..kyonke fair to aap ne kucch kiya hi nahi hai na