Lol pti :'D


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pti ko abhi bhi sharam nahi ani, they have been rejected under army as well,ab ya kahein IK ko election commissioner bana do :lol: and the again they will lose


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Add two more of NA-5 and NA-27 to PTI where only 9 women pooling station left for pooling and lead is 20k and 6k already.Come on boss GEO shan say


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tum jeasay mosmi keeron ka election k dino main nikalna ur dehari lagana koi barhi baat nahe hay :angry_smile:
ur dosri baat ALLAH ka shukar hay PTI walay dehari nahe laganay atay yahan pay
sari khakumti ur opposition jamatoon ka PTI kay khelaf ethad is baat ki barhi khuli delil hay k sub kitna dartay hain PTI walon say



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کبھی کبھی حقیقت اور سچ بہت کڑوا ہوتا ہے
اور پھر اسے ہضم کرنا بھی مشکل ہو جاتا ہے
کسی نے کہا ہے کہ میں گرا تو تھا مگر میری ٹانگیں اونچی ہیں


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That's right tiger and thankyou for sharing this.

We need to learn from our mistakes and your post encourages us to work hard more.


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Thd happiness of all corrupts on ptis loss is ptis win the in fact. See mqm pmln and ppp on one page against pti. So satisfactory. Forces of evil will soon be eliminated, Allah ke ghar der he andher nahin.


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What about Shahbash Sharif & Khookhar seat ???

Dono Seats ko naye naye candidates nay urha liya

25 saal Punjab main hakomat karnay k bad bhi by-elections main seat na bacha sakhaa choota gaanja


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عوام اس کو مسلم لیگ کا شیر سمجھ کر ووٹ دیا مگر انتخابات کے بعد دم اٹھا کر دیکھا تو یہ مادہ تھی ،،،،،،،،،
عوام کو سمجھ دیر سے آئے گی ،،،،،،،،،، نوں لیگی اب بھی اس کو شیر ہی سمجھتے ہیں ،،،،،،


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With Due Respect to all::::::with the above..... PTI gone from 5->2 PMLN 2->5 and PPPP 1-> 3

PMLN win in Punjab NA seats ....nice use of govt.
PTI retain its seat in ISB, which is control by Punjab influence how? bcoz in ISB if they used thing it would be difficult handle also they want to show PTI nay b kuch jeetah hai.....NA-13 Asad Qaiser seat was pity much saved by PTI becoz his family was very much famous with good name in his halqa.......

I know people will came and say to me PTI won two PP new seats in Punjab how? PMLN is not stupid.....let down Khosa Family and giving seat to PTI and show that the election was fair.....

Now WHY PPPP won? good question if PPPP won who will be in benefit ? everyone say PTI is not 2nd force yet...they cann't deliver it and they are losing things....

I would appreciate PTI to have give heart and not play with NA 1 result they can do that like ......only one Example PP 150 Mehr Ishtiayaq won with 23,000 lead on PP 150 seat and now they only won with 349 votes and PTI member claims they they had the result but again RO done ... all saving for PML N ....................Even Re-count is not offered nice......who is standing against Mehr Wahid.....PMLN Lahore wing leader Mian Margub....won NA seat last time ...........NA-121...

all parties must be good and can win all election except PTI....I would say if they have such a vote bank PMLN, PPPP and MQM why can't they implement Bio-Metric System for most of world it is applied.....let see who is not afraid of losing and not to stay in Power......I think PTI would implement first.............I always say to myself......PTI cann't bring people from haven and evil got attraction......these small changes can change Pakistan and IN SHA ALLAH one day Pakistan will change from these small changes......and everyone will say the change starter was IK.....

khan afghan1

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Winning and loosing is a part of game.But no one mention how PTI defeated PMLN
candidate in ISLAMABAD while the Prime Mninster was watching.this is called
thagrrey defeat by PTI.