Live With Talat 26th March 2010 - deported students Part 3


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Live With Talat 26th March 2010
Muhammad Ramzan Student in fresh episode of Live with Talat in AAJ Tv and discusses currant issue w ...



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Re: Live With Talat 26th March 2010 - deported students Pa

Thanks to Aaj TV and Talat Hussain for exposing how the UK authorities exploit some Pakistani youth to stir the perceived but unproved threat spectre. It must be noted that the aim of those youth was to equip themselves with knowledge or modern sciences, know-how and advance technology to become respectable professionals at home and abroad. if this is how Pakistan's progressive and forward looking elements are treated in Britain, what then can one expect those who are labelled as orthodox or conservative elements?

All those British media outlets and many TV channels who alloted considerable airtime and column space to Sahil Saeed, a five year-old boy from Oldham, who was kidnapped and released in Pakistan need to be asked why they remain indifferent and silent on those pakistani boys who came to UK for education and ended up learning only about the dark side of British justice.


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Re: Live With Talat 26th March 2010 - deported students Pa

pehli baat to ye ke BBC and other british News channels and print media criticised the dealings of the pakistani students. and if u watched the entire interviews the boys were allowed lawyers. and at the end of the day its was proven they were not involved in terrorist activities but they were not studying while they were on student visas.

zara compare karna ye sab apnay mulk ke sath. ek dafa army aap ko otha le ya mar de, aap chahay duniya ke sab se nake admi bhi kiun na ho, aap ka kuch pata nahin lagta. sard khanay me lash tak nahin pohnchayee jati, aap ko koi fauji dafan bhi kar de ta hay jab torture se mar jatay ho, or ghar walay dhondhtay reh jatay hain.

hamay to ye haq hi nahin hasil kisi par ongli othanay ka jab hamari army is se 100 ghuna ziada ghatia harkatain kar chuki hay, shadion par firing, univercities se kidnap.

kam se UK walon ne chord to diya jab begunnah sabit howe to, na koi torture ki reports milin. foran ghar walon ko bhi inform kar diya gaya tha. koi kidnap nahin kiya gaya tha.

I do agree it was just another way to defame muslims and pakistanis but it was not as worst as what our army does in pakistan, killing women and children and reporters to make sure no body finds out.

agar kisi ke pass waqt ho to jana zara ASian human rights ki website par or ja kar apni fauj ke kartoot dekhna, ghussa aye ga apnay aap par ke in ke liye ham 6 september par baghmay sontay hain, sath saal se NWFP me operation kar rahay hain. itnay na ehel hain ke abhi tak kuch bhi nahin kar paye