Like it or dislike it but this is what they believe!!



Haredi burqa sect

The Haredi burqa sect is a religious group, primarily concentrated in Israel, in which ultra-Orthodox Jewish (Haredi) women claim that modesty calls for a burqa-style covering of the entire body, a shal (plural shalim, english shawl), including a veil covering the face. The garment, which looks more like a niqab than a burqa, is also called frumka, a play of the word frum (Yiddish for devout) and burqa


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It should not be banned, but women who wear it call other women who don't wear it naked. This is the biggest problem. If they think that a piece of cloth can protect them then its their personal choice. But do not look down upon those women who don't wear it.


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Idiots pre911 no issue of burqa face mask but after 911 a huge security issue even mullah from lal Musjid Taliban men hid behind it in Islam it's all about intentions and if u want to stay in Europe then think about them for gods sake they are paranoid about face mask understandimbly about suicide bomber if they only use burqa without mask for their comfort Allah will give more suwaab which man will see them in burqa it's not attractive men get attracted to shape not face no need to create this commotion if still issue leave Europe move back to their country of origin problem solved.
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