Khud Kush (Shoaib Akhtar Part 1) Javed Choudry


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I sometimes am amazed at ''husn e zen'' of Chaudhry sb's towards some important people. Now anyone living in Islamabad/Rawalpindi who had some inside information of state of the affairs of Shoaib Akhtar would confirm that even before he was the part of National team, he had many serious problems.

I totally agree with title though, S. Akhtar himself destroyed his career.


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But anyhow, Shoaib is retried from International Cricket ..... and yes this is the tragedy of our nation ..... that we really do not offer rewards to the HEROES who have done a LOT for this country instead of rewards sometimes they just face humors, pain, sorrow, troubles, disappointments and much more .... We have many examples like that in our history ........ One of the current example strikes in my mind and that is of Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan and of-course many more .......
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