Khaber Naak - 25th June 2011 - Janab Khosa Sahab

Khabar Naak

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It does not matter how much you criticise this govt ,they are "Begharet",they dont care .I dont know why opposition is taking all this **** from this corrupt and ***** govt. why they dont resign and ask for mid-term elections and have a care taker govt during that time.
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agree with samy99....they are not only bagairat but also kutti govt....worse in pak history dont worry Imran will do reverse of that very much soon.

imran is our next PM for the next 10Years....Inshallah.........


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bakjtawar bhutto zardari ne edinburgh uni se A'Level kia hai ????.... see ticker in first post ... is it university level degree???

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well first i thought this is a stupid programme

but later on i realized its a nice effort by the anchor
As our most of the population is illiterate and they like this type of juggat bazi and aftab iqbal is addressing mass audience and attracting them and delivering them a message.