Kashif Abbasi & Polarization in Media: Why single out Imran Riaz Khan?


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good discussion...however i want to emphasize one thing...Oust of IK was not constitutional, even if we set cipher aside...the NC was not clean it was made thru open horse trading of members (via money n tickets commitments)....hence illegal n unconstitutional n was void ab-initio...
Pak media is also fully responsible to over rule of democracy in Pak...they bow down to mly establishment n have accepted them as power...which is wrong...its ppl who are power we must strive to get our freedom back...media never takes the side of ppl (the real rulers) od Pak...instead they always follow they occupant n their puppet's narrative...Allah has given enough potential to our nation...we will decide right...an Pakitan will only grow , following the decision of ppl of Pakistan....institution are servants of ppl not rulers...as must and early our media understand and follow same... as early Pakistan will start growing...Insha-Allah..
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Just to pretend himself as unbiased, he always try to equate IK with Nawaz and Zardari.

This is not being unbiased but hypocrisy.