Kal Tak with Javed Chaudhry 14th April 2016 - Punjab Police Failed In Rajan Pur


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This horrible man is the political front man of the terrorist groups. trust me !
People of Punjab had enough of him,they are victims of this man .The fact is People are no longer scared of any more,the horrible things he done in a such a scale that his most senior circle of people were compelled to say he is killer.At his behest his gang are engaged in ,kidnapping of beautiful girls,wealthy

families are targeted for financial black mails and robbery.
Because he is holding the key ministry and for his ruthlessness is notorious all over.
His days are numbered. Just look at his boss how they robbed Pakistan and stored ship loads of money in overseas hide outs.
The real "CHOTOO " is Shahbash Noora. Go get CHOTOO.
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Attempt at deflection by lifafa at the behest of his owner to take focus off the Panama Leaks scandal. Don't fall for it.