Kal Tak - 23rd May 2011 - Kashmala Tariq, Khawaja Asif & Asif Ahmed Ali - How Can We Cope The Situat

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India ko kia pari hay jab hamaray Jamati dehsahtgard un ki duty anjam day rahay hon....

Watch the root conspiracy of PNS Mehran attack



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keya pagloo ke tarah 1 he video ko bar bar post ker rahy hoo, mqm key hazraoo dehshat gerd pakrey gey he un ke bhee post ker day plzz
India ko kia pari hay jab hamaray Jamati dehsahtgard un ki duty anjam day rahay hon....


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Khawaja Asif is always brilliant..........Khawaja Asif Zindabad............

You must be dreaming. Let's test his brilliance. He said during the program, we introduced the 3 clause in the resolution.
So why didn't they insisted on their implementations in the parliament?

Then he said even the Commission was not formed. Let me remind you and him, your leader NS gave ultimatum of 3 days for the formation of commission. What happened to that ultimatum in front of the nation?:lol::lol::lol:


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This is such a shameless moment in our history that people in their own home not feeling safe and protected whereas the so called army and damn useless intelligence agencies dont have the clue about the security of the nation when these big ****bosses busy in sharing the money and plots.These generals dont give a damn about the country,this is the fourth incident happened in just month of may and they are sleeping on their F***jobs.why not chitrol them like others so they will come to their senses.They dont know the snakes are inside their own forces who are helping the terrorists and they are keeping their eyes shut? These B***generals are just full of ****,they have made the country ashamed in the past and again now.pak dont need these kinds of army who cannot give security to their own people ,beside "OSAMA" had safe heaven for 5 years and now attacks on pakistan and 2 ran away in day light.To whom this army and intelligence is trying to make fool,foreigners know their double game and now pakistanis have to kick these B*** rotten eggs from the army and intelligence to keep pak safe and secure.I know it will burn the A***of those rotten eggs but i dont care,i have to live for my country and die for it.


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I have nothing to do with any political party, all parties are dishonest and corrupt, they imposed on this poor Nation. Are you saying a party which has billions overseas, they are talking about Pakistan,s interests??
These so called political people crying all the time that they are targeted, they are so stupid not to understand that they are given mandate to run the Country, people voted them to run this business, if they think they are helpless to do that, just go home, no body forced them to come to lead the Country.
they want to enjoy the power but don,t want to perform their duty. they are talking about their rights but not duty.