Kal Tak - 14th July 2011 - Iftkhar Mirza - If You have Your Government???


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Sab molviyon ko maar daina chahiye jo nafrat phailaatay haine.islam tou peac aur piyaar wala mazhab hai iss say piyaara koi mazhab hai hi nahi iss duniya meine yeh pata nahi kaisay musilm haine jinn meine itni nafrat bhari hoi hai.jo insaan say nafrat karay woh kabi be muslmaan nahi ho sakta.


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Agree (clap)to all imran khan future aims well done allah give u the power to implement it practically as well specially first 100 days but one thing not agree will be extremely horrible what imran khan says is to making nab department completely autonomous un checked same department which full of corrupt officers itself and almost always used against political rivals or personal enemies will make life miserable of every one if they got that much powers even to start torturing people who can hardly eat one time and support trillioners with lot of bank balance every single department who get money from government treasure should be accountable will be much better if imran says nab department will work under me and remove and kick out all black sheeps out of it and the remaining dirt mafia who own nab department since years same remaining dirt of musharraf and zardari regimes specially no csp or army officer but a learned and highly fair clean record judge of high court level should b appointed as future nab and rab dg and chairman will be much better to improve its function.