Kal Tak - 11th August 2011 - New Provinces, Latest technique is being used in Suicide attacks, Sindh


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Zardari New SHOSHA of province is only to Damage the country. Zardari want the people to stay away from 100 crises like electricity, Gas, water, corruption, d-stability, Law and order.
Bloor ANP does not know anything about Khud-Khush and have to policy on it. He was unable to answer about latest techniques and arms.
javed choudhry, kamran khan, talat hussain, asma sherazi and sohail warraich are sincere, patriotic and intelegent anchors. specificaly javed choudhry comes with complete home work. i did'nt met him but i am his huge fan. this program is an example of his hard work. Allah bless him to work for this nation.

Rai Shamsher