1. H

    Letter To Pakistanis Who Are Against Changing Their DP To France Flag

    Dear Pakistanis! I recently read your letter on and couldn’t help but notice how you accused me of committing discrimination. You got yourself a higher moral ground and portrayed as if the sole pain of victims of any man-slaughter is owned by you. You imply that I am...
  2. Humi

    America expects new "September 11 attacks" - this time in the form of natural disasters

    America expects new "September 11 attacks" - this time in the form of natural disasters, such forecast was voiced by American deputy secretary of defense Paul Stockton who is in charge of security at Pentagon. He calls them "complex catastrophes" and notes that they will have a "cascading...
  3. C

    Cross-border attacks: Troops reinforcement likely on Kunar border

    ISLAMABAD: Pakistan might relocate a significant number of troops from the lawless tribal areas to man its border towns along Afghanistans Kunar and Nuristan provinces to stop the increasing cross-border incursions by al Qaeda-affiliated Taliban, officials have said. The move is expected...
  4. C

    Americans are involved in Cross-Border Attacks -- Hamid Mir Column

  5. Mysticreed

    Afghan Taliban planning attacks against Pakistan: Intel agencies

    LAHORE: Pakistani Intelligence agencies have revealed that the group of Ilyas Kashmiri, aided by the Afghan Taliban insurgents, is plotting attacks on important installations, including interior ministrys buildings and police training centres.Ilyas Kashmiri, the chief of the dreaded 313 Brigade...
  6. Kal Tak

    Kal Tak - 11th August 2011 - New Provinces, Latest technique is being used in Suicide attacks, Sindh

  7. A

    The Norway Terror Attacks: A Media PsyWar Exercise

    Here is an eye opening video, it is self explanatory and vey interesting, must watch.
  8. hans

    Pakistan fears attacks, moves warships out of Karachi

    ISLAMABAD: Claiming there were "all time high security threats" , Pakistan navy has moved away its main battleships out of its Mehran naval base in Karachi to the Makran coast in Balochistan. The navy sent its warships away from its main base in Karachi to Ormara in Balochistan as a...
  9. Ammad Hafeez

    Karachi & Malir on 22 July 2011, Organized attacks on Localities and Response of Police

    Karachi & Malir on 22 July 2011, Organized attacks on Localities and Response of Police..
  10. Awanz

    Say No For Drone Attacks On Pakistan.. SAVE PAKISTANIS SAVE PAKISTAN...

    (cry)(cry)(cry)(cry)(cry)(cry)(cry)(cry)(cry)(cry) (cry)(cry)
  11. News Beat

    News Beat - 24th July 2011 - Waseem Akhtar - Recent attacks on Malir & Landhi in Karachi

  12. K

    Israel navy attacks rights monitors boat, article with video, fresh news

    Israel navy attacks rights monitors boat An Israeli navy vessel targeted the members of the Civil Peace Service, aboard the Oliva boat which monitors human rights conditions of the fishermen in Gaza, for the fourth consecutive day on Sunday, a Press TV correspondent reported. The Israeli boat...
  13. I

    Truth about drone attacks- Whoever supports these attacks should be ashamed of themselves

    For the past three years, Noor Behram has hurried to the site of drone strikes in his native Waziristan. His purpose: to photograph and document the impact of missiles controlled by a joystick thousands of miles away, on US air force bases in Nevada and elsewhere. The drones are America's only...
  14. L

    Campaigners seek arrest of former CIA legal chief over Pakistan drone attacks

    UK human rights lawyer leads bid to have John Rizzo arrested over claims he approved attacks that killed hundreds of people The CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. Photograph: Danita Delimont/Getty Images/Gallo Images Campaigners against US drone strikes in Pakistan are calling for the...
  15. Mysticreed

    Meet Molana Baseer - Suicide attacks mastermind arrested

    Suicide attacks mastermind arrested Updated at: 1403 PST, Friday, July 15, 2011 NOWSHERA: Moulana Baseer, a mastermind planning suicide attacks along with an alleged suicide bomber have been arrested in a joint operation conducted by police and law enforcement agencies, Geo News reported...
  16. Pakistan Tonight

    Pakistan Tonight with Fahad Hussain - 13th July 2011 - Mumbai Under Attacks

  17. Aapas Ki Baat

    Aapas Ki Baat - 13th July 2011 - Discussion on Mumbai Attacks, Media & Gen Pasha Visit to USA

  18. News Night With Talat

    News Night with Talat - 13th July 2011 - Dr Tariq Fazal & Jamil Bugti - Aid End but Drone Attacks st

  19. ealtaf

    Drone Attacks and National Sovereignty

    Drone Attacks and National Sovereignty A lot has been said against American drone attacks as a violation of sovereignty of Pakistan but the issue is getting more intense by each passing day. When the US drones attack Pakistans tribal areas, it is not just the ten, twenty or fifty innocent...

    PPP Senior Minister Zulfiqar Mirza attacks on Press Freedom

    Mirza on 1st day of assuming sr. minister slot attacks press freedom

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