JUI-F Mufti Sayar Ahmad Join PTI


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Imran Khan should not give tickets to any new comers... give tickets to the old-standing party members/youth that have shown their hard work and alignment to the party's rules ...


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Chahe toe yeh Fazlu ka agent hoe ....
After the Javed Hashmi episode, IK must not give any tickets or position in party to such people ... Just office bearers ...

Asad Khan

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I think there should be one and only one criterion for tickets: merit. Loyalty to party should be rewarded by respect and positions in the party alone and shouldn't come at the cost of Pakistan. PTI should be sending their best and brightest to the parliament irrespective of their time in the party. For merit has a unique quality, talented people don't need to get into dodgy sh1t as they don't need back doors and nepotism to get further, they are confident their own two feet will carry them if someone will just open the door for them. PTI should be opening the door to talented Pakistanis to get them to parliament. That is what Imran's vision is for Pakistan & Pakistanis and that is why so many just love him for it because he represents Pakistan.


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No opponent Party high ranks.

Yes well educated and corruption free people can join but no high rank positions in start in PTI.

They should work for Party first on the ground for at least 5 years before getting any rank.

We must learn lesson now from past mistakes.
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Bachay abhi say kush honay lagay hain. Yeh Bohat Masoom hain. Imran Khan Pakistan main Kabhi bhee Prime Minister nahein ban Sakta. Pakistan Army sirf Army nahein hay Balkah bohat bera corporate business hay en ka. Kuch Samjh Aya


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They should not be given any titles. I think to contest elections in Party, you need to be with party for atleast 12 months.


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PTI khuda k liye in loto sy jaan churaooo aur naye logo ko smny le aooooooooooooooooooooo