Joke of the Day : Lahore is the new Paris - CM urf Khaaadeem


LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister (CM) Shahbaz Sharif on Tuesday said that with the support of the Turkish, Lahore would be made the most beautiful city of the world.
During a meeting at his Minar-e-Pakistan camp office, the CM said that the use of a latest cleaning system would bring cultural change in the provincial capital. He added that the local administration would provide full assistance to a Turkish company to keep mosques in the city clean during the month of Ramadan.
He said Lahore would be transformed into one the most beautiful cities of the world, whereas the same model would also be replicated in Gujranwala, Faisalabad, Multan, Sialkot and other cities.
He said Lahore will give a new look as a result of the latest system of sanitation and the citizens would be provided a pollution-free atmosphere, adding due to which sanitation culture of the city is undergoing a positive change.
He said projects are also under consideration to generate energy from the city’s waste, for which landfill facilities are being constructed at Mahmood Booti and Lakhodair, near Ring Road.
The CM directed that a comprehensive plan should be chalked out to observe a cleanliness week after the month of Ramadan besides launching a vigorous and effective campaign to apprise the citizens of the importance of cleanliness.
The Solid Waste Management MD briefed the participants about progress made towards implementation of modern system of sanitation in the city and landfill facilities.
Addressing the meeting, the CM said Lahore had been given a new identity due to the latest system of sanitation, which will go a long way in bringing about a positive change in the standard of living of citizens.
He directed that flexes and banners should be displayed on the roads and mosques which have been cleaned under the new system so that the civil society is motivated with regard to the need for maintaining cleanliness.
The CM urged the Turkish companies to bring all their machinery and technology in the shortest possible time so that the old system of sanitation could be discarded. He directed the administration to extend full cooperation to the Turkish companies in their plan to wash the mosques of the city with rose water during the holy month of Ramadan.
Shahbaz said that a vigorous cleanliness week would be observed after the month of Ramazan to create public awareness in regard to sanitation through seminars, walks, declamations, symposium and lectures.
He directed that necessary plan should also be submitted to him regarding management of industrial, construction and hospital waste alongwith ensuring 100% attendance of workers, attached with the Turkish companies.

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theek keh rha hai yaar... is k liye lahore model town say shuru hoo kr raiwndd mehl tk khtmm ho jata hai..

wesay bhi ye wazir e ala punjab nhe, wazir e ala model town hai...


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Paris ka bhi waisay haal booora hi haai -

per abhi itnaa bura nahin k yeh

pagal e alla Lahore ko Paris sy compare karnay lag jaye - Or loogon ko lahore k paris honay ka chona laganay lag jaye.


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Jab bhi koi banda kisi programme ko daikhne ka sochta hai to pehle daikhta hai logon ne reviews kya diye hain.laikin programme pey review k bajaye oose yehi likha milta hai k imran khan zindabaad, ik rocks, pti great etc.aap sab se guzarish hai k jo bhi programme pehle daikh le wo siraf programme k contents pey hi likhe ta k baad mai daikhne waalo ko idea ho k programme kis kisam ka hai. *Is*tarhaa kabhi aapki aur kabhi meri madad hoti rahey gi thanks
Reh gaya imran khan hamara next pm ho ga k nahi to yeh abh poochne ki baat hi nahi rahi
Wohi next pm hai bus hum sab abh apney talent ko nikharain keyoo k achi jobs milain gi aur merit pay milain gi aur merit may talent check ho ga.


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Chill out guys. App log jo marzi bolo but guy has done fair amount of good work in Lahore in presence of Mr Zardari.

Wish someone like him could have the same spirit in my Karachi? We are missing badly Mr Naimut Ullah Khan and Mr Mustafa Kamaal.


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u pmln kittens have gone mad u see imran khan every where it seems like he is not only on the nerves of ***** brother but also on thier supporters this thread is about your sunky mad paghley ala not ik after loosing his designation he ll go to mental hospital by the way he comes to a london sexual clinic for treatment every month but he should visit a psycatric aswel but i think he care more about his p,,,,,,s than his brain lol


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ہمارے محلے میں ایک ایسا ہے کوڑے والا ڈرم پڑا ہوا تھا لوگ شوپر میں کوڑا لاتے تھے
اور دور سے کھڑے ہو کر ہاتھ کو ایسے گول دائرے میں ہلاتے جیسے گیند کہیں دور پھینکنے کے لیے لہراتے ہیں
اور ہاتھ میں پکڑے ہوے شاپر کو ڈرم کی طرف اچھال دیتے اگر تو ڈرم میں گر جائے تو یس کہتے ہیں اور
خوش ہوتے ہیں جیسے باسکٹ بال کھیلتے ہوےباسکٹ میں بال ڈال دی ہو اگر ڈرم کی بجاے باہر گر جائے تو منہ بنا کر واپس
پلٹ جاتے ہیں اب خود بتائیں جب عوام ہی ایسی ہو تو حکمرانوں کو کیا کہنا
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woh bechara keh reha hey to zaror kuch socha hoga usne.....................hahahaahaha