Jirga - 17th March 2011 - Punjabi Taliban...Reality Or Myth??


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Thanks salim safi very nice discusssion. I fully agree with mr.amar rana's views .Its very unfortunate that we always try to shift the blame on others and try to keep our side safe when the fact is totally opposite.South and central punjab is the hub of extremists like Lashkare jhangvi ,Lashkare taiba,firqa jafferia, sipha sahaba and others .There were some jihadi organisations before which had and still have political and some agencies support otherwise these people cannot operate that freely and roaming around in different parts of the country without any problem .Police and agencies know them very well but they have political patronage thats why nothing happened-not a single terrorist or extremist is hanged so far,why?.If our politcians keep on bragging and shifting the blame on others ,its not gonna solve the problem but will increase and create law and order situation for ever unless a very harsh action is taken which is in the national interest. No one should patronise any element for its opponent, look in the west if they get any suspicion on anyone ,they put him behind bar and investigate and dont leave him until they are sure that person is not danger to the society but in pakistan,political leaders give them safe heaven for their political gains which is a fact. I agree not all of them are from south and central punjab but at least they are 50% of the total.what ever is the ratio,their elimination is must -poverty,criminal elements and mudrassas are playing a very big role in extremism , i dont believe what mr.jalandhri said ,I will talk about the facts and I already told the facts.Mr. shahbaz sharif is a very good administrator ,he should pay his utmost attention to this menace which is real in punjab and deal it with iron fist.
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