Iran urges Muslim states to isolate Zionist regime


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(clap)all Islamic countries should follow up their confrontation with the Tel Aviv regime in political and economic arenas.

He reiterated that all countries backing the Zionist regime should know that by continuing their support for the usurper regime they arouse hatred and anger of world nations.

Mehman-Parast added that the International Qods Day (the last Friday of the holy fasting month of Ramadan) is a day for announcing support for all world oppressed nations particularly the Palestinian people.

He stressed that mass participation of people in the Qods Day rallies will show the countries supporting the Zionist regime that their support for the criminal regime would facce the confrontation of all world nations.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman reiterated that this is the main achievement of the International Qods Day which has been designated to support the rights of the oppressed Palestinian nation.


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Right now , muslim states holder are the biggest Zionist.


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What he should be saying is that Muslim nations should throw out their own Zionist loving leaders then replace them with true Muslim's.


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Zionists, their masters cannot attack (IRAN)

(omg)Delivering his pre-sermon address in this weeks Friday prayers congregation, coincided with the World Qods Day rallies, President Ahmadinejad said Zionists and their masters can not invade even an inch of Iranian soil.

He said regional nations can wipe Israel off the world map.

Elsewhere in his remarks, President Ahmadinejad said referendum is the key to Palestine problem.

We present our solution to the western and American governments, that have tied their nations destiny with that of Zionists: the basis should be the UN Charter, that is exactly what you yourselves have written. Lets a free referendum be held in Palestine so that Palestinians will decide their fate themselves.

He advised the west to stop supporting Zionists. Sooner or later, Zionist leaders will be tried at nations court of justice.