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Thori si Muqalfat kia kardi Saleem saafi nay kay bus ab ragardo behcare ko, Pti waley bhi ajeeb hayn bhayee..


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PTI PAPPPOOOOOZZ in action... ansar abbasi good journallist.. hes a real stupid butt headed man.... salim safi has got good knowledge on the subject of afghan war unlike these PTI pappooz and their blue eyed jazbatoo papppoo jourmalists


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Saleem Safi is a hack. He just wants to be Harvards next Niemann Fellow. But he will have to polish his English before he can strike it big.
I think Meera and him can take lessons together.

See being a "Taliban/Pashtoon/Afghan Expert is a growth industry. People Like Peer Zubair Shah have gotten Pulitzers and fellowship in Harvard peddling the dominant narrative.

People who actually know the region and are in the real sense experts(for e.g Rahimullah Yusufzai) can never make it big in the international expert.
The JIT angle is intresting. Pretty similar to Hussain Haqqani eh..;)


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The Problem with Najam sethi ,safi and Nadeem Paracha is that they often use logics that have no feet.


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Thanks for educating all of us about this Satan in the disguise of gentle and soft spoken anchor. Now it make sense why he was gone mad about Peace March while he should have supported this event or at least remain shut-up for the noble cause. Interestingly, he was invited on so many shows before and during the peace march. All these anchors and writers are sold like our media to US.


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During Afghan War.. He went for Jihad through Waziristan,, where near Afghan border... He was not allowed by his friends to accompany him.. he was kept in Zawar Camp near Ghlam Khan town.. nd was given duty of cook.. preparing foods for friends for three months..


Siasat.pk - Blogger
"due to his frail physical structure his friends would always laugh over his physique and nick named him "Saleem the cartoon"..............................................................He was a small town reporter in Mardan where he would often be joked & humiliated by his journalistic and political friends for his extremely thin physical structure."

i don't like Saleem Safi shows or columns but there is something very wrong about the mentality of the author.


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kindly keep on this service of giving details of a journalist.
Also share same details of Mubashir Luckman , who he is and how he become anchor .
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