India destroyed Records of 1971 Pre-war Operations in East Pakistan


Well probably we all (Pakistani's atleast) know about India's Role in East Pakistan. Officially, Indira Gandhi admitted on VOA Interview to assist Mukhti Bahani DURING the war of 1971 with Pakistan ... But what was its role in events BEFORE the war which led to mis-trust and hostile environment between the East and West Pakistan. Well if they had nothing to be ashamed off, than why wipe out the history that the Indian Army and Intelligence celebrate as one of their biggest success stories.

This helps understand the fact that all the blames that were put on Army Men from West Pakistan being involved in killing and rapes etc were acts of Indian Intelligence and Army.
Certainly there was economic injustice to Bangalis by the West Pakistan governments and all the political battles but it was no different than situations we or India have today with its provinces. For all the Indians out there, imagine if Pakistan were to intervene in Indian affairs during Gujrat riots... how would have that felt ..right or wrong ??


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Another record is missing.

Its been reported that Rehman Malik sb's record has been lost from FBI office.