Imran Khan has grown up as "Mature Politician"


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there is a huge difference my brother.......most of ppp's...pmln members r shameless and Imran khan is a open book and clear about his policies which we were never told by our ppp...n other leagues.....
atleast this is how i feel
This is appreciated and with all due respect but Imran is a politician and politicians arent supposed to lose their temper. We all hate PPP but their leaders are the most critcized and they dont say anything. So Imran isnt the only one.

I was just looking at the post here of the whole program and PTI supporters there are all abusing Asma Shirazi calling her all sorts of things. Again with all due respect cant PTI supporters take a few tough questions? Must they start abusing? Asma asks the same questions from everyone regardless. Where is the tolerance?