Imran Khan & Hameed Gul on Davis case


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shukar karo USA se itna kuch faida mila es family ko......... kuch to kimat mili saste Pakistani khoon ki.

Who's gonna pay for the innocent Pathan people of Waziristan and other tribal areas killed brutally by American Drone Attacks???????


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Black day in the history of Pakistan...........Guys lets have a protest on Mar 20th and eradicate all these criminals.


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Where is the sovereignty of Pakistan ?

Severe reaction, the people will take law and order in their own hand ?
Im sorry to anticipate public madness and anger .:13:


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I think this whole story is pre-planned, Davis killed those guys with a purpose with an assurity from his govt. to get him out n then there will be a worst reaction of militants, u will see a series of blasts all around now, and that is the actual game plan


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1971 replayed...well said general hameed gul..fauj nay phir dhoka diya
Let me dry my tear first.Since yesterday i m in
shock,,,,,What an impotency shown by Govt of Pml (N) and PPPP.........................(Is there any gobernemet in Pakistan)???????????


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I think army was more involved than Govt in this outcome....... when the truth was established that Raymond was CIA operative, how come army and ISI let him go free?????