Imran Khan endorsed by Faisal Qureshi's chef Nawaz - Must Watch


Prime Minister (20k+ posts)
Excellent..This is the true feelings of a common,ordinary
peoples of Pakistan...Well done Faisal..


Minister (2k+ posts)
Really spoken from the heart .... Wow!!! This country needs a sincere and honest leader .... and all these elite mafia leaders who have looted this nation needs to be kicked out. May Allah listen to the plea of the common Pakistanis and give this nation a chance to be led by a true patriot and a true son of soil .... Imran Khan.


Prime Minister (20k+ posts)
I always wish..pray to ALLAH swt.if this not possible in my
life that sincere leader like Imran in the power..then at least
give my children the leader like Imran.
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