Imran Khan directs KPK govt to extend all help to the affectees in Chitral immediately

آزاد خیال

MPA (400+ posts)
A great person - many people criticize PTI in KPK - but i believe it is not IK who is running the affairs there.

Still he is doing his best to get the maximum out of his people


MPA (400+ posts)
I agree with you partially because KPK is our big test and i hope next year things will be much better because all the local government peoples on the ground as well as local government machinery of the local government will play a big part to help peoples in situations like floods and other natural disasters.


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KPK has still fared better than others. After a 2 year govt, the rulers have focused on results rather than photoops. Look at Punjab, and Showbaz and gang,who have ruled the province for decades are trying to cretae more Venices across PUnjab. Take a look at the Ismbd metro, and how the prevailing sewerage system was uprooted, and replaced with an inferior system, resulting in widespread flooding even in a hilly area like Islamabad.


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Yesterday khattak announced 1 million help .... dharnay kai liye paisey hein flood victims kai liye nehin...abh yeh na kehan kai party fund tha is liye dharnay par kharch ker fund haram hai kea flood victims kai liye??


Minister (2k+ posts)
kpk govt. has failed its first major test regarding flood disaster management. Some heads should be rolled.
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