Imran Khan at Davos - Religion, Politics and Terrorism in Pakistan


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Political likes and dis-likes apart..................... what he said is so very true. Solution lies in talks and only in talks.


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This how leaders talk.

mein to phir yehi kahoon gha

Khoon e jiggar arzan kar do, ghar shafaq mein lali lani hey, youn fakat khazan key matum say takhleeq e baharan kya ho ghee

come with Imran khan and change Pakistan for better furture


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actually i believe that most of Nawaz supporters must be thin be thinking why their Farighulbaal leader Mian Shareef represented Pakistan in Davoos ? As a leader of s called second largest political party in Pakistan, Mian Shareef should have gone t Davos t represent Pakistan, Do you know why ? It is very sad but mian sahab always escape from such situation where the world intellectuals gather and Mian sahab doesn't have the heart to face such firing questions, Mian Sahab has a very low IQ , Lassi oor phajje ke pai j bohot chalte hen un ke Raiwind me, is lie sote rehte hen as Haroon Rasheed said in ne program. hahahahahah Farighulbaaal leader Mian Nawaz Shareef, jieee Imran, VOTE IMRAN
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Just Compare how Zardari, N Sharif or Gilani how would they talk in such situation???????????
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اس وقت صرف عمران خان ہماری آخری امید ہے ان سارے مسائل کو حل کرنےکا
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I am currently in Switzerland.. covering the event for a media group. Imran Khan has created massive hype at WEF. People who have been attending WEF (or following it) would know what happened when His Excellency Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan attended WEF in 2009. I was unfortunately there to wittness the epic drama (which included written speech that too in english and speaking off the topic). In my sidetalks (mostly during coffee breaks) I was told my many CEOs of MNCs that they actually had planned separate meetings during the time SOMEONE from Pakistan will speak, but that is not the case now.

Although the philosophy of Mr Khan is not supported by many at WEF but everyone wants to listen to what he has to say. I quote an official saying "Finally a sane voice from Pakistan, knocking on my eardrums and forcing me to listen to it and think about it". When I asked him to clearify what he meant, he explained "Once a friend from Pakistan told me that when doesn't want to listen to anyone he lets his words in from one ear and force them out from the other ear ASAP, we have a same phenomena, we close both our ears and smile; this is what we at WEF did after year 2009, but after listening to Mr Khan's thoughts, its uncanny how everyone has unlocked their eardrums".

It is good to have a voice from Pakistan; which is heard here.

saeed khan

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I request the PPP. PML MQM and other party voters please ask yourself one question " can our party leader think and speak like this ?".
If no, then please elect Imran Khan because we need a leader who can face and talk to anyone.
Our other parties` leaders accept all the terms of western countries because they do not have courage to discuss with them.
Allah has given us one more chance please do not waste it.


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imran khan is a brave muslim leader. he is the only hope for Pakistan. we should vote in coming election. he is the only visionary leader in Pakistan.
Pakistan zindaAbad


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if........................................... imran khan have in election only one vote.............................................and you know this is from ................................ME.......................................:alhamd: