Ikhtilaf - 29th June 2012 - Qazi Hussain Ahmad


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This anchor is trying to impress by choosing high powered English words ,we will need a dictionary to understand him.
I am not having any problems understanding the mulla
Is this a show questions in English answers in Urdu
The host seem to be a product of his own failings ,he questions in Urdu mixed with English words
I think Kazi Saab handles his question well from his point of view i can't understands the anchors point of view.
I am surprised Kazi Saab seems to understand How cricket is played he must have learnt something from Imran about cricket.

Kazi Saab has the wisdom of calling the host anchor of being ignorant,may be our EX PRIME MINISTER CAN LEARN SOMETHING ABOUT GIVING INTERVIEWS TO ENGLISH SPEAKING HYPOCRITE ANCHORS

Being a Muslim does not mean you will be successful in politics,
You can't play politics with religion. Religion is a way of life with a contract between Allah and you and you renew this contract with him 5 times a day

Some Muslims may be successful in THIER way of life but most are looking for something from the religion .
Religion can show them a way of life not live THIER life for them

Afaq Chaudhry

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This anchor is double minded and questions were preplanned and repeated severl times on all media channels,and achor says that he is well aware of all activities.
during all the programme he tried to confuse Qazi hussain about jamaat and Munawar husan...but failed.