IJT activists threaten PU students, who took out a protest rally against the IJT activists

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LAHORE: Islami Jamiat Talba (IJT) activists tried to stop and threaten the faculty and students of the Punjab University (PU) Philosophy Department who took out a protest rally on Friday against the misconduct of the IJT activists with their colleagues during a previous rally on Wednesday. IJT activists brought in students from the Science College to stop the students who were protesting against rising levels of intolerance.

Faculty members and students of Philosophy Department boycotted classes and took out a rally from the department to the Vice Chancellors office where they staged a sit-in to record their protest against the hooliganism and misbehavior of IJT activists. The rally was intercepted by IJT activists who shouted slogans and asked students and faculty to turn back. Upon their refusal, the IJT activists misbehaved with female students and refused to listen to the faculty members.

Vice Chancellor Dr Mujahid Kamran assured the rally participants that stern action will be taken against offenders. He said that IJT should realize that times had changed and now strict measures will be taken against them.

After Friday prayers, IJT activists staged a rally and held a demonstration outside the Jamia Mosque. IJT Nazim Zubair Safdar said they were protesting against vulgarity in PU and disrespect of Islamic values shown by faculty and students of the Philosophy Department.

Published in The Express Tribune, June 25th, 2011.


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[MENTION=11043]Ammad Hafeez[/MENTION] apko AAG lagany k ilawa koi or kaam nahin???/... IJT is doing this right/wrong from last 30 years in PU and same PSMO (sorry if im wrong) MQM STUDENT WING is doing smae in KU , personal experience btauun ... abt you party students ...



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Islami jamiat has become very weak in PU thats why they have to use science college.Ij and jamat islami is on death bed in lahore

Ammad Hafeez

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[MENTION=11043]Ammad Hafeez[/MENTION] apko AAG lagany k ilawa koi or kaam nahin???/... IJT is doing this right/wrong from last 30 years in PU and same PSMO (sorry if im wrong) MQM STUDENT WING is doing smae in KU , personal experience btauun ... abt you party students ...




5 students injured in ‘IJT attack’ at Hailey College
* Victims associated with rival student faction
* Students protest insecurity at PU, demand action against assailants
By Adnan Lodhi
LAHORE: At least five Punjab University students were injured in a clash with Islami Jamiat Talaba activists on Tuesday.
Over 20 IJT activists reportedly assaulted five students from the Hailey College of Commerce with steel rods and harassed them at gunpoint. The five were later taken to Jinnah Hospital, with at least one reported to be in critical condition.The students were reportedly attacked because they had to ideological differences with the IJT, and a possible affiliation with the rival Insaaf Students Federation (ISF)
PU Student Advisor Iftikhar Chaudhry said that he had personally provided first aid to the students and took them to Jinnah Hospital in his personnel vehicle. He said he asked the students to submit an application against those responsible, so that their case would be forwarded to the disciplinary committee. According to the ISF general secretary, they would take legal action against the attackers and have registered an FIR against the IJT activists.
A large number of university students protested at Hailey College against the actions of the IJT, and once again condemned what they considered were poor security arrangements at PU. Despite the employment of 150 security personnel, and the hiring of retired military officials to improve security, the students report, the IJT have been not effectively dealt with. Protesters repeated earlier claims that university officials were not concerned with the IJT and their actions.
Source: Daily Times
IJT ‘thrashes’ ISF students for membership drive at PU
Wednesday, January 27, 2010
ACTIVISTS of the Islami Jamiat Talaba (IJT) on Tuesday allegedly thrashed some students belonging to the Insaf Students Federation (ISF) for launching a membership drive at the Punjab University’s Hailey College of Commerce.
The ISF activists, including Hafiz Farhat Abbas, Zubair Sabir, Ahmed and Muneeb, students of the Hailey College of Commerce, and Kamil Hameed from the PU Law College were beaten allegedly by Jamiat activists.
PU Resident Officer Shahid Gul said the students, belonging to the ISF, while recording their statements at the vice-chancellor’s office, had accused Jamiat activists of thrashing them. He said the ISF activists, fearing further action by the IJT, had demanded security from the university administration and later they were escorted to the Jinnah Hospital for medical treatment. He said the university would take action after probing the matter thoroughly.
ISF, Lahore, Secretary General Farrukh Habib said the PU chapter of the federation had launched a membership drive at the university a couple of days ago which had annoyed Jamiat activists. He alleged that IJT activists, including Hailey College Nazim Hafiz Wajid, Junaid Amjad, Amir Yaqoob and Usman Ashraf and other mostly expelled students attacked, the ISF activists for launching the membership drive, and added that Hafiz Farhat Abbas was had received severe head injuries. He alleged that one of the Jamiat activists was also carrying a pistol.
It is pertinent to mention here that after the PU incident, the ISF, led by Lahore President Hassan Niazi, organised a protest demonstration against Jamiat’s highhandedness near the Muslim Town Morr and blocked the Ferozpur Road for quite some time. The protestors chanted slogans and demanded the PU administration and the government take action against Jamiat elements in PU, saying innocent students were being threatened on a daily basis.
On the other hand, in a press statement, IJT activists, Usman Ashraf and Haris Saeed, denied Jamiat’s involvement in Tuesday’s incident, saying it was in fact a fight between some students of the Hailey College of Commerce and ‘outsiders.’ Haris Saeed alleged that Jamiat was being dragged in connivance with PU administration. A PU official, seeking anonymity, said the university administration was unable to take action against Jamiat without police help.
He said the PU administration, taking notice of Jamiat’s hooliganism, had expelled and rusticated dozens of IJT activists over a period of time. “However the university alone cannot flush out these elements without support of the government,” he maintained.
It is pertinent to mention here that PU high officials have complained against non-cooperation of police on several occasions regarding action against the IJT.
Meanwhile, leaders of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) have condemned the alleged torture of the members of Insaf Student Federation (ISF) by activists of the Islami Jamiat Talba (IJT) at the Punjab University.
The PTI leaders, including Imran Khan, Secretary Information Omer Sarfaraz Cheema, President Punjab Ahsen Rasheed, President Lahore Mian Mehmoodul Rasheed and ISF Lahore President Hassan Niazi condemned the thrashing of seven ISF workers students by the IJT activists.
The PTI leaders demanded immediate arrest of the IJT activists for violating law and order. They also held the view that any activity of torturing students in or outside the university area was a highly condemnable act. They warned the PU administration that the situation could worsen on the university premises stern action must be taken against those involved in the incident.
Source: The News
And once again:
IJT activists thrash PU students again
Friday, January 29, 2010
By By Our Correspondent
Activists of Islami Jamiat Talaba (IJT) on Thursday once again exhibited hooliganism and allegedly thrashed final year students of Punjab University College of Information Technology (PUCIT).
A PU press release said the final year students, as per past tradition were wearing identical shirts and had gathered within the college premises to take group photos of class fellows to mark the satisfactory completion of their final examination when a group of 20 IJT activists arrived and started thrashing them without any provocation.
“This resulted in injuries to two students who were provided first aid by the 1122 rescue officials”, the release added.
However, on the intervention of the Principal and college faculty and staff members, the IJT activists ran away from the scene. About half an hour later, they again appeared along with their 30 accomplices’ in-front of the locked college gate and started hurling abuses on the PUCIT students as well as the faculty members.
After the incident, PUCIT Principal Dr Syed Mansoor Sarwar chaired a hurriedly-called meeting of the faculty members which passed a unanimous resolution to condemn the hooliganism of the IJT activists who manhandled the college students.
The resolution further stated that the college administration will not tolerate recurrence of any such incident of hooliganism on the part of IJT activists. The entire college faculty and administration is firmly resolved to maintain peace and order at the college premises with a view to establish the writ of the University Administration.
The meeting also made an appeal to the Chief Minister, Punjab and the Provincial Education Minister to take a serious notice of the incident of IJT hooliganism and take suitable remedial measures to eliminate the miscreants for the preservation of peace and sanctity of the educational institutions.
However, IJT spokesman Haris Saeed said Jamiat had nothing to do with the PUCIT incident. He said PU administration was wrongly implicating IJT. He further said the incident was in fact a fight between students of PUCIT and Govt Islamia College Civil Lines. “As Civil Lines is one of Jamiat’s strongholds the PU administration is now involving Jamiat in the incident”, he added. Interestingly, Government Islamia College Civil Lines Nazim Numair Aslam denied involvement of the college students in the incident. He said on Thursday fight there was in fact a fight among students of the PUCIT.
PUCIT Principal Dr Syed Mansoor Sarwar talking to The News insisted that Jamiat was involved in beating the innocent students of his college. He also regretted that despite repeated calls on 15 police did not show up.
Source: The News
Lest we forget: Imran Khan at the PU

2) JI is the political party that introduced the weapon culture in Educational institute. Which element used the Arms and Weapons to threaten student before the creation of APMSO?? You People, Just try to malign MQM/APMSO at any cost. LOL, first study the politics.