I Hope I Never Have To leave The Country !!!


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I hope I never have to leave

By Tallat Azim | Published: July 2, 2011
The normal din of daily developments in this interesting country continues full speed. As the commotion train picks up steam, with the MQM resigning en masse (including the well spoken, symbol of continuous stability Governor Ishratul Ibad), it seems we are heading towards forced decisions.

Politicians are realigning themselves and have gone into the pre-election mould. People are bracing themselves for more inflation and unemployment and unending rhetoric. There appears to be nothing good on the cards for the near future, at least. Whoever can help it, particularly if they are young or youngish and qualified in some way, are trying to get foreign immigration. This includes my younger daughter.

This is despite the fact that she likes it here and the comforts and familiarity of the country which is her home, where she has been born and bred and which has so many friends, family members and association. Forced uprooting always weighs heavily on one, and it is absolutely unfair that things have come to such a pass that this is being considered as the safest path to a reliable future. One of the numerous requirements for the process of immigration is a character clearance certificate from a city where you have spent your life after turning 18.

I set out with my daughter at this daunting task of getting a security clearance form from the security branch and getting all the attestations and doing the thana rounds of the city. I must admit that getting past the many barriers was relatively easier for us as we were female. We had barely gotten past one attestation, with several more stops for varied signatures which may have taken many days given that our officials are very rarely in their seats, as the PAs are wont to say, that we were touched by an ordinary and good Pakistani policeman. It made me say a silent prayer that none of us should ever have to leave our comfort zones and home country for-far off shores where people will remain strangers, even after acquiring passports and fortunes.

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