Hijab and Muslim Brotherhood: The Islamization of Egypt


Effects of Islamism

University of Cairo: Number of Hijab-wearing female students

1959: None
1978: None
1995: 35%
2004: 90%

Screenshots from documentary "Freedom, Equality and Muslim Brotherhood":


This is a documentary worth-watching. Its made by a Muslim, about the rise of Muslim Brotherhood in Arab world and western countries. Features MB chief Mahdi Akef, brother of Ikhwan founder Gamaal al-Banna (who disagrees with founder Hasan al-Banna) and other influential people...

One reason for this is the labor export to Saudi Arabia. Just like Pakistanis, thousands of Egyptian workers went to work in Gulf States for higher wages, and they came back infected with Wahhabi ideas. That conservatism became the base for Muslim Brotherhood to develop its influence.
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only thing I see is more girls going to the university since 1959 photo

What u see is sex-segregation: women in front rows, men in back rows. And last two photos are close-ups so they miss the men in back rows. Segregation is another fruit of Islamism.