Global Justice Rankings: India 37, Pakistan Lolzzz

The Pakistani

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While we understand why China and Iran has been placed in low rankings, Pakistan is extremely a sad story​

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The WJP Open Government Index rankings are organized around four dimensions of government openness: publicized laws and government data, right to information, civic participation, and complaint mechanisms. Scores range between 0 to 1, with 1 indicating greatest openness. Scoring is based on answers drawn from general population and expert surveys collected for the WJP Rule of Law Index.

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What is Pakistan’s ranking in freedom of press? What is Pakistan’s ranking in extremism? What is Pakistan’s ranking in the treatment of minorities? Finally, what is Pakistan’s ranking in democracy?

Judiciary is not alone in that long list of ‘worsts’. But, we quickly point towards judiciary because it suits to certain quarters.


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So india is better than pakistan china russia Malaysia turkey. Afghanistan is better than Egypt and just have the same ranking as china and Malaysia.
Lol this list is joke and its not about judiciary

Dr Adam

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جب جرائم پیشہ سیاسی کرتا دھرتاؤں کی جانب سے اپنے ہی جیسے جرائم پیشہ سیاسی وکلاء کو من پسند فیصلے لینے کے لیے جج کی محترم کرسی پر بٹھا دیا جائے گا تو اچھائی کی امید کیسے کی جا سکتی ہے میرے بھائی ؟؟؟
اب ہر بندہ جسٹس کارنیلیس، جسٹس دراب پٹیل اور جسٹس بھگوان داس جیسا ہیرا تو ہونے سے رہا؟ معاف کیجیے گا ان تینوں صاحب کردار نیک سیرت پاکستانیوں کا تعلق ملک کی محب وطن اقلیتوں سے تھا

روتے کیوں ہو اب؟ بھگتو اب ان ججوں کو، اور ووٹ دیتے رھو ان پٹواری نوازوں اور پپلی جمہوروں کو

نظام بدلنا ہے تو اپنے ووٹ کی طاقت کا ادراک کریں اور جرائم کی پیداوار ان پیشہ ور نام نہاد رنگ لیڈروں اور ان کی آوارہ اولادوں کے راستے روکیں اور اپنے بچوں کا مستقبل بہتر سے بہترین بنائیں
اس کے علاوه اور کوئی راستہ نہیں

Earlier the better!


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jab se america uss ullu ke pathay ko nikaal ker le gaya hai dunya mein hamare insaf ke nizaam ka mazak hee urna tha.

The Pakistani

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So india is better than pakistan china russia Malaysia turkey. Afghanistan is better than Egypt and just have the same ranking as china and Malaysia.
Lol this list is joke and its not about judiciary
Mere mohtaram, China is always placed lower along with Iran in all of the global lists, whether its democracy or judicial system. We all knows West's atitude towards both these natiobs so not a surprise. Egypt indeee has the worst system, a good example of it is the jailing and prosecution of thousands of Muslim brotherhood workers, al sisi hinself decided their fate and courts just stamped it.


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I don’t agree with most of these rankings because they are politically motivated but our judiciary & judicial system is corrupt to the core. Even if we were in the last position, I wouldn’t be surprised.
Look at our judges like Justice Qayyum who takes orders on the phone from the corrupt politicians and others who take bribe in Medina & then caught on camera enjoying paid mujras.
Our corrupt judges have never punished any corrupt elite & they release them on bail as soon as they get their cut.


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I don't disagree with Pakistan's rank on this list. but I seriously doubt the ranking of India.

There's hardly any justice for minorities in India if the other party belongs to Hindutva.

This lists own ranking, therefore, is a kachra for me.

Now coming back to Pakistan, it should be placed at the last number.. even if a new country is formed and added, Pakistan should be placed after that.. Where murder of 14 people can't even be tried, where sahiwal incident can't even be investigated, where a man who kills a another person (because that person tried to save his sister from the killer) lives in a A class facility and can't get any punishment whatsoever, where people remain members of parliaments even after their properties are declared illegal/ proceeds of corruption, where a known liar who submits a fake deed still roams around to haunt the streets of Pakistan, I think the list didn't do justice with Pakistan.



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As long as Lahore High Court, Sindh High Court exists,
As long as Lifafa Judge like Qazi Faiz Essa exists...improvement in ranking is out of question.