Gilani announces one year extension in ISI chief's tenure

Muhammad Tauseef A. Bajwa

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Gilani announces one year extension in ISI chief's tenure
By Reuters
Published: April 2, 2011

Gilani says the situation we are passing through needs continuity. PHOTO: AFP/FILE

The Pakistani government said on Friday it is extending the term of its main intelligence agency chief for a second time to ensure continuity at a time of pressing security problems.

Lieutenant-General Ahmad Shuja Pasha, director general of the militarys Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency, had been due to retire last year but the government extended his tenure until last month.

Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani said on Friday the ISI chiefs term had been extended again by a year.

The situation we are passing through needs continuity, Gilani said on state-run television.

Pasha, a former head of military operations for the army, was appointed ISI chief in September 2008, at a time when US officials questioned the reliability of the spy agency in the campaign against militancy.

Since then, the security forces have taken concerted action against militants fighting the state, although doubts linger about Pakistans commitment to fighting Afghan Taliban militants based along the lawless border.

Pasha is generally seen as getting on well with his US counterparts, although ties between the spy agencies of the two allies have been strained recently over the case of Raymond Davis, a CIA contractor who killed two Pakistanis in what he said was in self-defence in Lahore in January.

Pakistan held Davis despite US insistence that he enjoyed diplomatic immunity. He was released last month after the families of the dead men were paid compensation, a custom in Pakistan and sanctioned in Islam.
US forces hope to begin a gradual withdrawal from Afghanistan later this year and Pakistan is seen to have a crucial role in stabilising the region.
India and Afghanistan view the spy agency, which is often referred to as a state within a state, with great suspicion. Pakistans civilian politicians also fear it for its role in past military coups. Pasha is a close confidant of army chief General Ashfaq Kayani who also received a three-year extension last year.


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it is my guess that such changes take place with the consent of US at least in present govt system .


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it is my guess that such changes take place with the consent of US at least in present govt system .

its not a guess.its hundred percent truth.not only in this government but even musharaf was appointed as army chief by nawaz shareef under orders from a jewish defense secretary of united states.if i am not forgetting his name he was general zenny or something.

as for shujaa pashas extension everyone knows shujaa pasha is musharafs teams man just like general kyaani is.and very faithful to zionists of america.

its on record and in united states media that both general kyaani and shujaa pasha were given extension by orders from hillary clinton...who is zionist and high degree freemason.
if shuja pasha and kyaani were not given extension than may be the free movement of american commandos and blackwater in pakistani cities would be a bit more difficult
so musharafs team still rules pakistan and gives free acess to all pakistani sensitive installations to americans
if americans dont find a suitable successor for kyani and pasha than they may make them both life time chiefs of army and isi respectively