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Despite of all the respect and love to Altaf Bhai, I am still not convinced how he will bring the revolution. Actually, he has never defined his revolution, what does he mean by this BUZ word "REVOLUTION"?

Any MQM saathi can please guide me if they have any explanation.

My confusion is based on the following facts, if anyone can deny them, I welcome him:

In my knowledge, revolutions always come in big cities and then spread slowly towards rural areas. This is a known fact.

But look at the situation in Pakistan, every political party has its own city where they have strong holds.

MQM to Karachi
PPP to Interior Sindh
PMLN, PMLQ and PTI to Lahore
ANP to Peshawar
BNA to Quetta.

And look at so called religious (sectarian rather) parties:

JI and JUI to Wahabis
ST and JUP to Brelvis
TNFJ to Shiaas

How any of above can bring any revolution or change. Or whom they will replace? Will they replace themselves?

Brother Abbasi:

You're absolutely right, this is all BS.


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A;taf hussain ko Pakistan anay se koi nahi rok sakta (siwae establishment k)[hilar][hilar]


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ارے میاں ! یہ تو بائیں ہاتھ کا کھیل ہے
دیکھتے نہی تم ، سارے کرانچی کو کیسا باندھ کے رکھا ہے
بجلی پانی کی اتنی ضرورت نہی بس زندگی مانگو
جان ہے تو جہاں ہے -

الطاف حسین ، بقلم خود



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yar mujhay to hairat is baat pe hai k altaf hussain jaisay insaan (dehshat gard) k liye bhi kuch logo k dil mein respect aur love hai :P