Fawad Hassan Fawad arrested by NAB


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Does't make any difference. Remember Dr. Asim? He is bigger prey as compared to Fawad. He is roaming around freely.


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Let's hope that this is not a false start. Until someone is put behind bars, NAB's seriousness is questionable.

v r imran k

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Jaan boch ker Zardari per hola haat rakha hoa hei.This scenario is totally different.

main yahi janana chata huin kyn esa ho raha hay .........................addi faryal talpur 90 arrab dikar gai .......sharjeel memon k ghar sy 05 arab nikly docter asim 480 arab ki corruption majeed anwar ??? manzoor qadir kaka ??? where are these culprits ??? why they are independent


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کل کراچی میں عمران خان بری طرح پٹائی ہوئی، اس ویڈیو کلپ میں عمران خان کا چہرہ مکوں اور تھپڑوں کی وجہ سے سوجا ہوا تھا



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فواد نواز شریف کا پالتو کتا کو الیکشن ختم ہونے تک جیل میں ہی رکھنا چائیے