Establishment Is Ready But Imran Khan Is Hurdle Between NRO - Muhammad Malick


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Imran Khan's glorious achievements:
The best Cricketer Pakistan has ever produced.
One of the best allrounders of all time.
One of the best first bowlers of all time.
one of the best Captains of all time.

The most flamboyant Cricketer, the world has ever seen.
Founder of 2 world class Cancer Hospitals, 3rd. one is under construction.

Founder of Int. standard Technical College, Namal college, affiliation with the University of Bradford, UK.

Imran was the Chancellor of the University of Bradford from 2005 to 2014. The university vice-chancellor Brian Cantor said Khan had been "a wonderful role model for our students".

After 22 years of political struggle became PM of Pakistan. (Khan was offered ministry & share of power by Nawaz Sharif himself & Gen. Musharraf, but he declined)

IK said "Inko Rulaon Ga Main"...and literally, he did, remember how Maryam Safdar & Nawaz Sharif was screaming & crying“Mujhe kyun nikala?”

IK said "Inko Takleef Pahonchay Gi", look the angst the both Sharif Brothers & their entire families having now.

July 2017 Imran Khan said "Nawaz Sharif You will not go to Jeddah, but to Adiala jail," referring to Noora's exile in 1999 after his government was toppled by the then Gen Pervez Musharraf.

And where is Nawaz now? He is in Kot Lakhpat Jail.

Now Imran Khan is saying it will take some time to clean up the mess created by PPP & PMLN, we need to trust him & give him the time of 5 years. As per his track record, he will not fail us. He is a special kind of Leader best only after Quaid e Azam.
And there will be no NRO......


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The moving spirit behind Imran's struggle has been to take his revenge from Nawaz Sharif, who was instrumental in breakup of his matrimonial life with Jemima. He will never forgive Nawaz at least.
This anchor's word "Imran Khan akray bethain hain". All of these corrupt media who in reality not worth anything ..have become rich and made so much money because of these corrupt politicians. They are not even loyal to Nawaz they are just there for money!!

Fawad Javed

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tea boy in my office is not corrupt should he be given the post of CEO or Chairman?

now to your question "what incompetency" so far he has done nothing and its not his fault he doesn't have the capability to do anything as a CM

Rather than repeating stuff, tell us what incompetency he has shown. Has he not stolen money like he is supposed to?

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no 1 is asking NRO from Imran Khan .... a lame duck Prime Minister.......

Malik is using Imran's name only to break the story that "Pindi is ready for NRO" ..... which we all know......

why GHQ has a chage of heart ??

.... simple....

.. failure of Imran's Govt has given a new political space and energy for opposition parties and Pindi can not simply ignore their collective Anti GHQ stand
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To show mercy to a tyrant is to be unjust to the oppressed!
PM well done! Do not let them go without making a public admission of their actions and returning no less than $ 30 billions each from Sharifs and Zardaris.