ECP takes steps to curb frauds in voting


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ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has decided to introduce water marked ballot papers in an effort to stop fraudulent votes, Geo News reported Saturday. In the next elections, new computerized voters lists will be issued without pictures however the presiding officer will have lists which contain pictures.

During a news conference, Secretary Election Commission informed the media that NADRA had provided the Election Commission with voters' lists of over 800 million people. A door-to-door campaign to verify the identity of the voters would start from August 22.

After the verification process the voters' lists will be handed over to NADRA and the final lists will be issued in March. The Secretary added that after the new voters lists are completed, repeat entries will not be possible thus pictures will not be included.

The Deputy Chairman of NADRA, Tariq Malik informed the media that 150 million people were not identified in the old voters list, while the 1.2 million had fake identities and 2.5 million had duplicate identities.


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one more gimmick of Zardari to carry this govt beyond march ... no issue let the care taker govt take over and do the need full ... minus Zardari of course as president.