Dunya Today 12th May 2010 - Why PM campaigns for Jamsheed Dasti??


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Dunya Today – 12th May 2010
Asma Arbab, Jamal Leghari & Mosharraf Zaidi join Dr Pirzada to discuss that " Why PM campaigns forJamsheed Dasti??
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Peerzada was rightly loosing control over his emotions. What can we do when country's supreme head is supporting a corrupt and criminal scumbag without any guilt on his face? Our futre is nothing else but darkness.


Dr Pirzadas Utopia

Love to see Jamal Laghari dancing around the bar. His father FL used people of Pakistans tax money for attending his sons convocations. What a shitty thought, anchor could not get even a fair person to discuss this issue.

Atleast Mosharraf Zaidi was very brave enough to speak truth, worth to watch after 31min