Dr.Shahid Masood indirectly says that Najam Sethi & Altaf Hussain are hired by Foreign agencies agai


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This guy is such an idiot. Its not Dawn newspaper reporting. It was NFP article and its his opinion. As most would know NFP takes a lot of liberty with facts.

In his signature style, Dr. Hack, is mixing facts with his own fiction or fantasies.

The group of students that he is talking about were marxist leaning youths who had gone to study in London and were rightly or wrongly moved by the injustices committed towards and oppression of the Bengalis and the Balochs.

If he had cared to read a little history and trends then he would know that this phenomenon was not unique to Pakistan and this was happening the world over where the youth in the 60s were leaning left against the western imperialism.

It happened in the Arab World, in Europe (in Germany and Italy specially), all over South America and even in Japan.

Fro people who are interested:

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shahid masood is an establishment guy in the media channels, how else then did he escape the media ban on him after his program 'merey mutabiq' in GEO was closed down?

he should stop being a puppet of the army and go to court instead of barking in the media :)


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Saazish Masood (aka mr. Boot Polish) ek chawal aadmi hai, jo roz bongiyan marta hai ki ye hoga, woh hoga, operation tez hoga, lekin kakh nahi hota.He is a pathetic liar...hes now indirectly asking the supreme court to approve the military courts or it will be the end of democracy. Supreme court should punish him for that[hilar](yapping)


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ڈاکٹر صاحب سیٹھی پٹوریوں کے قائد ہیں
انسان سے اگر چوٹی موٹی غلطی ہو جائے اللہ معاف کر دے ہو سکتا ہے
لیکن پٹواری کسی کو معاف نہیں کرتے


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He will never give any proof..jab bhi saboot mango iski daude lag jaati hain, he has still not presented 35 puncture tape in court,few days back he said hes suing Sethi and Muneeb for 5 billion, kya hua??

supers On

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Altaf Hussain Najam Sethi, Hamid Mir and Asma Jehangir (might be more )
whenever I listen to these 4, I always get a feeling that they are not sincere to Pakistan, they see bad in good but they dont see the bad which is in their face.
fishy indeed


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Again. Tarap rha hai dangar dactar ke kisis tarah apni importance wapis bahal kar le. Iski deo malai kahanian koi sun le. Jari rakh. No one is listening.