Difference between democracy and khilafat

hawk eyed

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i need myself to get educated about democrcy and islamic perspective.I have seen some scholars willing to shun away democracy from islamic states and to practice khilafat but as far as my limited knowledge is concerned even for the election of amir ul momineen there used to be a sort of voting or opinoin of highly respectable companions R.A was sought.I konw democracy is a multi dimensional term but whats your opinion about this one?

Muhammad Ilyas Khan

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Those shun democracy do not know the spirit of Islam. They just want their own dictatorship. Democracy and freedom of choice is at the root of Islam. Allah has given every human being to live his life with free will and be responsible for actions only to God and not to any dictator or clergy. So democracy is very much in accordance with Islam because it makes the ruler responsible to the people. And if the ruler does not serve the people well they can get rid of him/her through the peaceful process of voting rather than through bloodshed.