Despite tendering resignations, PTI MPs enjoy perks

Rafat Ali

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LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) members are still enjoying privileges as Members of the Punjab Provincial Assembly (MPAs) despite tendering their resignations.[/COLOR]
Sources in the Punjab Assembly told [COLOR=#0000FF !important]Dawn that salaries are being transferred in the PTI members' accounts as their resignations have not yet been formally accepted. Therefore, members are still enjoying the perks, sources said.[/COLOR]
PTI's Punjab opposition leader Mian Mehmoodur Rasheed has still not returned his official [COLOR=#0000FF !important]car.[/COLOR]
Following the resignation of PTI Members of the National Assembly, the party's MPAs from Punjab also tendered resignations from their seats and added that the PTI would issue a 'white[COLOR=#0000FF !important]paper' against the 'dismal performance' of the provincial government.[/COLOR]
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The resignations had come as the PTI was engaged in protests and sit-ins against the Nawaz government over alleged [COLOR=#0000FF !important]rigging in the 2013 general elections.[/COLOR]
As of now, PTI and the government are engaged in talks to broke a settlement over the political impasse that had gripped the country for weeks.


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Thats true They should stop using the sources once resignations are formally accepted. Universal law. No need of clarification!


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It says in the article itself that the resignations have not been accepted yet. Its up to the speaker to do so. Same is the case with the NA. Resignations have been submitted. PMLN has intentionally held on to them, because they know that once they accept resignations, things will deteriorate for them even further. Right now, they can try to rope PTI into the realm of the assemblies, so they are holding off.


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You want to say hire???? Spelling mistake or ignorance????
Govt should higher teachers to teach Sharif family about the need of local govt systems and science of flood control in Pakistan.. We really need good training of our Law maker in national assembly , as they r in govt since last 7 years and it seems they will continue for next 10 years .
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