Degree , Degree hoti he , Asli ho ya Jaali , LMAO


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A salam o Alykum

Joke of the Day

As per Chief Minister of Balochistan

Degree .... Degree hoti he ...Asli ho ya Jaali

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Kia khoty khoty insaan hmry hukamraan ban kr hum pr hukumat kr rhy hain jinko yh pata hi nhi k ghaddy or ghorray mein kia farq hota hai.
What a shame kind of cm he is.


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great wordz!
"Scholar ov the EAST" award 2010 - 2110, hundred years goes to Nawab Aslam Raeesaani!!!!!!!!
alfaaz mei in sahab ko kharaaj-e-tehseen pesh krna mumkin he nahin............kaash ye mere saamne hota to kuchh kr k dikhata........but yhan beth ker mai sirf in ki azmat mei salaam he pesh kr skta hun


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What is Your opinion About

Should there be any educational qualification criteria for Parliamentarians ??

I personally think that they should atleast be graduates.

Educational Qualification is needed for any sort of job in modern era.
Even cricketers , footballers or other athletes have to go through proper training or academic sessions.

I do not fully agree with the logic "Leadership is not bound of Educational Qualification"...

Well upto some extent its true , but Now a days when you need good parliamentarians to hold key ministries and resolve modern world challenges , you need people having education, experience and exposure.

Legislation is a specialized job , its not so damn easy that everyone can do it.

Its like any other profession , like doctor , engineer , lawyers ..... Legislators should have education to legislate according to wishes of people , by keeping national interests , modern world scenarios in mind..

We have recent examples of such leaders which are/were properly qualified for this job and we can see the difference in between them and other politicians.


Qaid-e-Azam Muhammad ali jinnah was highly educated.
Allama Iqbal was PhD.
Bhutto was highly qualified person.
Benazeer had proper political education and apart from differences i consider her as one of the best political minds of Pakistan.
Imran Khan himself has political education background.
Syed Mustafa Kamal is one of the educated public office holder who delivered best performance.

So its very easy to understand that wherever you have good educated people, they would perform better than uneducated or illiterate people

(generally not give example of your village where an educated patwari was so corrupt and illiterate molvi was so kind :-)...)

What i feel sometime , that we lack good educated Ministers in our government .

I like the first 3 years of Musharraf Government because it was ruled by technocrats .... Similarly whenever we see a professional running a ministry , he always seems to be performing better than others.....

Ministers have absolutely no idea of their ministries and they are totally dependent on secretaries(bureaucrats).
As they do not have any particular education , they cannot analyze the past , present and future situation for their ministry.
they lack vision because of lack of knowledge.Due to their education weakness they can initiate any new policy by themselves.

For example :-

If Raja Pervez Ashraf would have been an electrical Engineer or MSc , or something like that , he would be thinking of multiple techniques to overcome electricity generation issues .


Thermal (Furnance oil OR Coal)
Recycling of waste

and he could initiate some projects , could invite foreign companies , he can still ask univeristies to do research in above mentioned field , he can fund these projects and later Pakistan govt can take benefit of those reaserahc results.

OR even than , if he had ANY sort of education , he could manage the current crisis by restarting already build electric generation stations.

There should be "right man for the right job" .....

Political Parties should consider this fact while giving tickets to candidates , even if they are in opposition , they should make a shadow cabnet , specialized in respective ministries which can keep an eye over govt. performance.


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This reflect the mentality of our nation. When we choose leaders our slogan is " Leader Leader hota hai asli ho ya jali". Like people like politicians.


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Logo ne is shaks ko vote diye hen , jiske nazdeek taleem ki ye ahmiat he ..... :-s ...


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بھائی کیوں اس بیچارے پر غصہ کر رہے ہو
وہ تشدد کی ڈگری کی بات کر رہا ہے

دیکھو نہ ہلکی ڈگری نے بی اس میں اور بندر میں فرق کو بہت کم کر دیا ہے

کلوے کو لگتا ہے ڈگری کچھہ زیادہ ہی مل گیی


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If your car was stolen or snatched in Quetta.................don't worry..........go to Raisani's "deera" will find it. These Balouch heads of tribes are gods in their areas.


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i think a highschool diploma or a degree should be a pre-requisite to voting ...humaray loag bhi jahil hain ..i think they need it more than the studying doesnt make u honest or smart ,living proof of that is our bureaucracy


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i think a highschool diploma or a degree should be a pre-requisite to voting ...humaray loag bhi jahil hain ..i think they need it more than the studying doesnt make u honest or smart ,living proof of that is our bureaucracy

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Woh Bi Jaali Degree Diploma Wali
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