Davis victim: Faheem's family found living in Toba Tek Singh


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TOBA TEK SINGH: The family of Faheem Shamshad, who was killed by United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) contractor Raymond Davis in January, was found living in a posh area of Toba Tek Singh.
Fahim’s father, Rana Shamshad, and his three brothers were previously believed to be residing in Pir Mahal.
His father has said that the family had received Rs 100 million through their lawyers and the Lahore High Court (LHC). He said the transaction had taken place according to Islamic laws and that the family had not been pressured into taking the decision.
Earlier, family members of Fazian Haider had returned to their home after staying at an undisclosed location for a few months. The family was reported to have purchased a new house on their return to the area.
Haider and Shehzad were shot dead in Qurtaba Chowk, Lahore by a US contractor, Raymond Davis. During the inquest, representatives of Davis submitted documents proving that as per Pakistani law, blood money had been paid to each of the grieved families, nullifying the need for a trial.

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