Crazy but magnificient the new project of Bosphorus Turkey!!!!!!


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Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan has announced his grand new campaign promise: He's going to build a second Bosphorus.

Turkey deserves a crazy, magnificent project like this by 2023, he said, referring to the 100th anniversary of the declaration of the Turkish Republic.

In the past five years, cargo traffic through the Black Sea has risen by nearly 500 per cent; the flow of oil from the port of Novorossysk has more than doubled. Monstrous vessels full of oil, dangerous chemicals, nuclear waste and liquid gas - often skippered by drunken incompetents - have been pouring down from the Caucasus. Many of these tankers are rustbuckets that shouldn't be at sea, let alone passing right through the middle of a city of 15 million people. Because of the Montreux Convention, Turkey can't ban them.



Some pictures of Bosphorus:



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