Chaudhry Ghulam shows Mirror to PLMN-Maryam Aurangzaib for her demand on Banning Imran Khan on Offensive Language

Raja Farooq

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Well done Ch sahab yee saary haramy dalaal noory k naukar hyy inn my sy aik by iss barry dalaal noory ko airport leeny ny gyaaa yee kutty k bachy apny gharon my by apni behn betion k sath yahy gandyy zaban boolty hyn


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It is shameful to see one JAHIL using degraded words for some one and many Jahils laughing and clapping for his filthy remarks. JAISAY LOOG WASAY HI HUKMARAN this is ALLAH's rule. That being said IK should keep demonstrating that he is different than these so called leaders and should never use any humiliating words for any one, he is liked because he is different and he have to maintain that difference.

Two Stooges

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جو قبیلہ قطریوں کو تِلور کھلاکر اُنکے پُش اَپس گننے میں کوئی شرم محسوس نہیں کرتے
، اُنکے لئے ایسی زبان استعمال کرنے میں کیا مسئلہ ہے
یہ پورا قبیلہ شاہی محلّے کے مودے کنجر کی پیداوار ہیں