Challenge! Find this damning admission by Najam Sethi on Aapas ki baat!


I distinctly remember Najam Sethi admitting on an Aapas ki baat program after the 2013 elections that "on election day the Punjab election machinery (R.O.s etc) was not under my control but reporting to 'Raiwind'".

I thought at the time that this is a damning admission. Sadly I don't remember what episode it was (probably last year). Does anyone else remember/can find it?

To me that was conclusive proof of rigging but sadly no one took notice of it at the time. Maybe one for code-decode? :)


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I remember it very well, it was just after election. I have tried to find it on internet but I could not find it, probably someone should watch all the shows just after election to find that particular statement.


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I think if someone makes up a team of 10 and gives a task to each one to watch only a single episode each to find out, then it will be easier and speedy to find out.

Lets say person 1 watches 11 MAY EPISODE:
person 2 watches 12 May EPISODE:
And so on.

This way 10 people will watch 10 episodes in just half and hour..and the next 10 episodes in the next half an hour and so on.. In 2 to 3 hours 2 to 3 month videos can be seen this way,


awesome. you know what to do. this should be all over social media. through PTI's official account if need be.

Saladin A

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Najam Sethi should be knowing a lot more than an eye can see and an ear can hear. He must know every thing dirty, filthy, nasty, shameful and disgrace that happened during the election day and night. he should tell the nation candidly every thing that he is hiding and save the country from a lot of problems. His public admission can result in Nawaz shariff's early stepping down and regaining some respect with the public.