Chairman NAB Justice (r) Javed Iqbal media talk in Quetta


Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
Great Words SIR ..... I Salute you and each n every Patriot Pakistani... who is working for THIS VERY cause of Eleminating corrupt cancer causing ELEMENTS


MPA (400+ posts)
Be aware:

All those who are in good faith

All ways are leading to badly rigged elections

All indicators show elections are going to be rigged definitively and tentatively

And the whole nation will be in a turmoil

This looks to be the Imran's new Pakistan even from the outset.

He is the person who spoiled the peace of the nation on a self-presumed rigged elections of 2013 and continued to do so through out the past 5 years is now blatantly looking to rig the 2018 election with the connivance of the most of the state institutions primarily armed forces of Pakistan, Supreme Court, law enforcement agencies etc.

May Allah save our home land from the forthcoming state of national crises.
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