Capital Talk - 9th June 2010 - Raza hayat Haraj, Haidar Abas Rizvi "Agricultural Tax"


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I fully agreed with Haider Abbas Rizvi's views that there should be tax on agriculture income but raza hayat heraj objected because he is a landlord .why these filthy rich landlord should be exempted from tax so they and their families can live a life like royals and thats what they are doing.I raised this issue when i commented on Budget.The irony is that zardari and PPP,nawaz sharif and PML-N mnas and mpa's ,PML-Q mna's and mpa's are occupying thousands of acres of land when majority is landless.These are the real blood suckers,they hold the land dont pay a penny in taxes on their agriculture production and how much they pay to their workers ,the workers are literally slaves hardly have enough to eat,also have their industries and then come to the parliament-twist the laws in their own favour whereas the majority is left to rot.This is a sign of cruelty which have to be finished.feudal system is the root cause of all the problems in this country.There should be land reforms but PPP and PML-N or PML-Q will not do it thats for sure because they have been in power and they did't do it because they have all feudals in their parties.MQM or someone else like imran khan will do it .Do the land reforms like india did so we have example in front of us,they dont have these problems like we do.There are no feudals in india.
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