Capital Talk - 16th August 2011 - Possible Solution of Loadshedding


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1. This program is not presenting the true picture.
Even though facts are being talked about, proper attention is not being given to the facts that really matter. Certain issues are not being highlighted properly.

2. Hydro power is the cheapest, followed by coal. Nuclear power is the costliest.

3. If you install a system which costs you about Rs.15 Lakhs (Pakistani rupees), it will take you a few years to recover the capital cost. This is a major deterrent for mass adoption of solar power.

4. Also this system does not work during the night or in overcast skies.

5. Also, this lady is being toooooo optimistic. A little conservatism is good.


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1. Isn't the problem Circular Debt?
And if I am right, many government organizations and departments haven't paid their bills.

2. Is it realistic to ask them to spend huge amounts of money at once, when it is going to take several years to recover the cost?
Also please note that the solar panels were static. They were not tracking the sun, and hence this makes them even more inefficient.


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Excellent Programe to provide the preoper and right information. I am in Canada and you can see every where this technology. Mostly store are selling these panels from 20 watts to 150 watt, just one small panels around 2000 to 10,000 pak rupee. Very easy to use.
This time mostly people use in their boats and mobile home.
If Raja Retal have a positive and national vision, there will be no power shortage this time Pakistan.


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Thank you Hamid Mir. I have been talking to people in Pakistan for last two years to start installing solar systems but no one seems to understand. People right away compare it to petrol generator or UPS system. Solar system is not like any of these two technologies. A generator needs petrol or diesel which is and a UPS needs electricity to be charged. Once installed, a solar energy system will generate electricity for 40 plus years with very little maintenance and additional operating cost. The only solution for Pakistan's energy crises is solar energy. Instead of giving billions of rupees of subsidy to utility companies government should give incentives to homeowners and business to install solar systems. Solar is now becoming very popular in Europe and America because their governments are giving incentives and encouraging people to install clean and renewable energy. And they don't have load-shedding problem.

I live in California where we never have a day without the electricity. California government has passed a law that all utility companies have to generate 33% of their electricity by renewable energy, which is mostly solar. We have mastered solar technology in California and willing to help our people in Pakistan to establish solar business if anyone is interested. We will help free of charge.


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I don't know why people are being so negative about this, yes other means are probably cheapest but they are not producing enough, common people cannot go and produce energy by hydro,dhah Common sense!!!!!

this programme has focused on how people can produce energy which is what people need to know, they should do more programmes on this as well as other means of energy,


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I don`t why people comment when they have no knowlege

Contra . who said to you that hydro is cheapest. do you know the cost of a dam and time required.
does every country have financial or geographic position for it.

solar energy only require solar cell, battery and modulator. for an average house it cast only 1.5 lac to 2 lac for fully operational system, with no external energy required. Saving 15 thousands to 20 thousands a month. 10 month advance billing with no billing for lifetime option.

Solar cell requires light not necessarily sunlight to function. it can operate in cloudy, bad weather or even in shadow. its performance increases in quantity of light. best working in strong daylight as intensity of light is great.

Solar system store energy for night in batteries. so is also applicable in night.

In china alone majority of complete villages are at solar energy with every home with its own source. and they are not much rich yet have the knowledge for properity.
Criticism is good but self criticism is best.