BREAKING NEWS: PIA flight to Manchester landed in Turkey


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2 PIA planes landed in Malaysia, Turkey after bomb hoax

Two Pakistan International Airline aircrafts, were forced to make emergency landings after the state carrier received bomb threats aboard the two flights, AP reported.
Turkish Television on Wednesday reported that a suspected bomb threat had forced the UK bound PK 709 to make an emergency landing at the Istanbul airport. Its 378 passengers and crew were evacuated and the plane was searched by
the bomb squad.
Turkish NTV had reported that the Boeing 777 belonging to the Pakistan state carrier, PIA, was flying
from Lahore in Pakistan to Manchester in England.
The flight, which had to make the unscheduled stop while flying through Bulgarian airspace, was cleared by Turkish authorities and allowed to resume its journey. Sniffer dogs were used to scour the plane for explosives.


A second PIA plane with 164 passengers on board landed at Kuala Lumpur airport after a bomb alert, officials said Thursday.

The scheduled flight from the Pakistani city of Lahore to the Malaysian capital landed at 9:24 pm (1424 GMT) local time, on Wednesday, airport authorities said, after a bomb threat was received while it was in mid-air.
At 8:45 pm (1345 GMT) Malaysia Airports received information from Pakistan International Airline Headquarters informing of an aircraft bomb warning for Airbus A310, flight PK 898 from Lahore, the airport authorities said in a statement.
The flight PK898 safely landed at 9:24pm. The airline confirmed a total of 164 passengers, 3 cockpit crew and 10 cabin crew on board.

Airport authorities said the aircraft had been parked at an isolated bay at the airport while police investigate. A statement released by PIA read that an anonymous email was received by the PIA Cargo division on Wednesday evening, indicating
a bomb threat aboard two out bound flights from Lahore. The threat was conveyed to Pakistani security agencies along
with those in Kuala Lumpur and Istanbul.

The statement further said that both flights, PK 709 and PK 898 were cleared for operation after no explosives were found aboard both air crafts.
PK 709 is expected to reach its final destination, Manchester later tonight. Return flights schedule
is expected to be affected with a delay of four hours.
An investigation by concerned security agencies is being conducted
in this regard the PIA statement concluded.



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this a known fact know a days that those who label others as terrorists are biggest terrorists them self .... a good example of big terrorist is endia ....end of lesson


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this a known fact know a days that those who label others as terrorists are biggest terrorists them self .... a good example of big terrorist is endia ....end of lesson