Billions of US dollars funding the Taliban in Afghanistan


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Agar itnay stupid nahi hotay to Russia ka hashar dekhnay ke baad bhe Afghanistan wala panga letay?


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zaroorat se zyada aqalmand hyn,arrogant & rude(i m not sure about common people,but sure about govt)


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I had lots of interaction with Americans ... they may be best in their field but if he is a doctor he is just a doctor he knows nothing about the politics nor got any views about any religion ... and then i realised why all the media in USA in so loud why you always find them giving dictation to people ... they (Anchors) consider them selves opinion makers.. but Americans are really dumb people no GK no geography no Politics... there main worry anywhere in the world will be that they are not getting the Brand of their liking for any particular thing from water to cigg to even sun block... thats why it can only be americans who are told that twin towers melted down and they accepted it, they were told OBL is their enemy and they said yes. even they are told these public companies need billions of $s to be bailed out and they paid ...