Benazir murder case: Court asks FIA to hasten Musharrafs arrest

Muhammad Tauseef A. Bajwa

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Benazir murder case: Court asks FIA to hasten Musharrafs arrest
By Obaid Abbasi
Published: April 10, 2011

British authorities in contact with Pakistan; Musharraf not arrested due to absence of extradition treaty. PHOTO: AFP/FILE

Anti-terrorism Court (ATC) Special Judge Rana Nasir Ahmed has asked the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to speed up the process of executing the arrest warrants of former president Pervez Musharraf for his alleged involvement in the assassination of former prime minister Benazir Bhutto.

Ahmed expressed his annoyance at the delay in arresting the former president and asked the FIA to produce him in court by April 23. The FIA, meanwhile, has sought more time from the court, saying the process of arresting Musharraf is under way.

During the course of hearing on Saturday at Adiala Jail, head of FIA Joint Investigation Team (JIT) Wajid Zia submitted a letter from the British home department, contending that the authorities are in contact with the FIA and the warrants are under process.

He added that the British Prime Minister David Cameron, who was visiting Pakistan a few days back, had asked the government to send a formal request in this regard.

Former City Police Officer Saud Aziz and Superintendent Police Khurram Shahzad were also present at the hearing, their first appearance at the court after being released on bail through a Lahore High Court order.

Meanwhile, their former counsel Malik Waheed Anjum requested the court to issue red warrants for Musharraf, saying he is responsible for Bhuttos assassination but living comfortably in the UK.

The court observed that the trial court does not have the authority to issue red warrants.

Earlier, on April 2, Zia had been summoned to personally appear before the court and apprise it on the delay in serving the arrest warrants.

The court had re-issued non-bailable arrest warrants against Musharraf to be served on him at his London address on February 18.

The former president is allegedly involved in the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. Despite being aware of the imminent danger to her life, he did not take the requisite security measures to prevent her assassination, according to the findings of a 57-page report submitted earlier before the court.

Published in The Express Tribune, April 10th, 2011.


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inho ne apni maa k khassam Raymond Davis ko to chore diya abb kia dramay kr rahey hain

Muhammad Tauseef A. Bajwa

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inho ne apni maa k khassam Raymond Davis ko to chore diya abb kia dramay kr rahey hain


Every common men is asking the same question. Right at this very 'moment' MQM stalwarts are addressing a 'Mini' gathering in Lahore which I witnessed half an hour ago. Nothing new or pragmatic. Sterio type statements that a political worker is capable to deliver. No 'bow down' heads to listen in calm atmosphere.

Calling the 'shots' in air. Returned as local channel 'City 42' (Lahore) is giving LIVE and better coverage! Lahore is the city of colleges & universities. We are proud to be wise enough! Keep going! Suggest have 2-3 more MQM conventions in Punjab other cities as well.

Purpose seems to muster strength for induction in 'care taker' / Technocrat's up coming Government. Rest assured, Imran khan's PTI will (have to) honour the deal that has been concluded with the blessings of GHQ & USA!
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