Bajwa leads the Ceremony!!!


Chief Minister (5k+ posts)

All Generals on the same page.


Prime Minister (20k+ posts)
Being strong critics of corrupt Punjabi Army atrocities.
Yet I always pray
A United Discipline Army in Ranks n file.
Never ever any mutiny happened in Pakistan Army.
Yet expect a strong accountability for corrupts from Sipoy till General.
if No Pak Army there will be no balance of power in the region.
Lot of Qurbanis are there, that should not be overshadowed by few black sheeps.


Prime Minister (20k+ posts)
After 75 yrs pakistanis finally understand ur bs turanae poem no war no khutraa,

poor family shaheeds as of need basis,

loot and bring loot friendly politicians so both enjoy while rest suffer.

No laws no police no justices

and buss khali watan watan kae naarae luggae rahoe bc

Atleast allahtallah toe 100% accountability kurrae gaa kubh tukk buchoe gae kub tukk
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