Another corruption scandal revealed during Ex-CM Punjab Shehbaz Sharif's tenure


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The HJP [Hybrid Journo-prostitutes] are making the country immune to Loot mar and rape of the country. All they are giving is newsreakings, some true and some false. No action is taken and the people get discouraged. All the looters and rapists of the national economy are roaming free. This that hybrid war which our enemies have already won. There is not a single person of integrity who can help Pakistan in this difficult time. It seems as if Imran is all alone. He should have not have relied on the electables. A pot which has too many spoons inserted into it can not remain clean so these lotas have brought different 'viruses' from different sources and contaminated the basic setup.


Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
Showbaz your Honor finished.
Your Politics finished.
Your Family finished.
Your Health finished.
Your wealth will be finished.....So you are finished.
You have only one option, just run away from Pakistan

Bhaag Shahbaz Bhaag.....Bhaag Shahbaz Bhaag.